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Above Ground Swimming Pools

March 3, 2015 rick Blog
Your new pool and its inviting landscaping are ideally suited for all types of gatherings, even those that don’t center around water activity.
Infuse those traditionally indoor activities with a sense of fun when you move them to your new outdoor living space.Poolside parties offer an exotic feel to an otherwise suburban setting. Whatever the event, the pool setting fits perfectly with your plans.
Twinkling lights and a summer breeze are only enhanced by their proximity to the water.To get the most fun per square inch, make sure your outdoor events include some in-pool entertainment. Young and old alike will appreciate a refreshing dip in your Seaspray®  pool.
The consistent depth of the above ground pool makes it ideal for all pool games, from volleyball and basketball to Marco Polo.
evoEvolution CLX
The Evolution CLX above ground pool represents the successful blending of state-of-the-art technology and the latest design trends. The pool’s unique “curve” design, embossed around the pool edges, lends strength to the Evolution CLX aesthetic and its structure.

EvolutionBenefits Include:


  • solona blue marbleGiant 9-inch Top Rail
  • Torsion rigidity built in with the embossed curve
  • High-quality Coatings
  • Bonded and Plastisol coated for life-long resistance
  • Completely integrated parts for seamless super strength
  • sd60Strengthening curved design give impact-resistant strength
  • Stylish pool wall finish with an asymmetrical design
  • Unique design adds elegance and strength to the pool structure
  • Uses less backyard space
  • equBoth efficient and aesthetically pleasing
  • Standard with the Evolution
  • Offers superior skimming, resulting in a much cleaner pool
  • Seamless Structure
  • accessories_integritySuper-strength Emboss Curve
  • Elegant Design
  • ‘Curve’ advantage
  • Buttress-Free Oval System
  • Wide Mouth Skimmer

All our EVOLUTION pool packages include: 20 mil full print EZ Bead liner, Wide Mouth skimmer and return,an equipment pad, vacuum head, vac hose,cam pole, dip net, brush, and an A-frame ladder 18′ pools include a 150lb sand filter  and a 1.5 hp pump by hayward, 24″ and larger include a  250lb sand filter by pentair with a 1.5 hp pump.

Ponderosa GLXponderosa

Create your own backyard escape with the addition of the Seaspray® Ponderosa GLX model. The pool combines sturdy construction and attractive wall design, creating an inviting aquatic respite for friends and family. With plenty of room for a large pool party or an intimate evening soak for two, the Ponderosa was designed to fulfill all your pool needs.
PonderosaBenefits Include:

  • sd60Sturdy 6-inch top rail
  • Wider top rail increases pool stability
  • Rigid cross-steel top rail
  • Exclusive design for superior structural strength
  • equHigh-impact, super-structural strength
  • Shorter span between uprights
  • Reduced pressure on structure, creates stronger pool
  • Hot-dipped, galvanized steel
  • accessories_integrityBonded and coated for greatest strength
  • Distinctive “Granada LX” design
  • More Uprights
  • High-quality Steel Coatings
  • Designer Pool Wall
  • Perfectly complements any backyard decorprint btm
All our PONDROSA pool packages include: 20 mil print bottom lap liner, skimmer and return,an equipment pad, vacuum head, vac hose,cam pole, dip net, brush, and an A-frame ladder. 18′ pools include a 150lb sand filter  and a 1.5 hp pump by Hayward, 24″ and larger include a  250lb sand filter by Pentair with a 1.5 hp pump