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Pool and Equipment Maintenance

Other than your weekly or bi-weekly cleaning and chemical maintenance, there are other things you should do to optimize your FUN TIME with your family and friends, not working on your POOL!

BALANCING YOUR POOL at the beginning of the season is key to keeping the time down that you spend working on your pool.

The number one rule for purchasing pool chemicals is to ALWAYS buy from someone who has the knowledge to tell you how to use them. Using the knowledge of your pool professional will make your job a lot easier and less expensive. water testing needs to be done at opening, mid season and closing should keep you in balance unless there is a large amount of rain or splash out.

YOUR FILTER should run at least 12 daylight hours, at best 24hr a day.
As your filter does it’s job it collects debris, oils and microscopic particles that cause cloudy water. Because of this, your filter should be chemically cleaned and degreased twice a year, in the middle of the season and at the end before shutting your pool down for the winter. ALWAYS use a pool chemical that is designed for this purpose. using household cleaners on your pool will cause cloudy water that is almost impossible to clear up.

After cleaning the CARTRIDGE filters, they should be allowed to dry completely, allowing the fibers to go back together, before returning to the filter.

SAND filters should have their sand changed every 2 to 3 years.

BACKWASH your sand filter when the pressure raises 10 to 12 pounds above IT’S NORMAL PRESSURE and always rinse after backwashing. Rinsing will ensure that debris does not go back into your pool.

BASKETS in the pump and skimmer should be kept clean and free of debris at ALL times. Restricting the flow of water to your pump could cause it to burn out.

YOUR RETURNS should always be pointed down and to the side away from the skimmer. Moving the bottom water in your pool is critical to circulation. having your returns pointed up looks good but does nothing for the clarity of your pool. O’RINGS on your equipment should be lubricated with a water based gel, not Vaseline which is petroleum based and will pull the softeners out of the o’rings making them dry out.

AUTOMATIC POOL CLEANERS should be put into the pool, allowed to do their job and removed from the pool. When a cleaner is allowed to stay in the pool for prolong periods of time, the parts wear out very quickly and need to be replaced.

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